Skøll Cup

Next weekend we will head to the Bosbaan to start the Skøll Cup. Not only the first-year competition ploegen will start this race, but also the club ploegen! On this page you can find everything about the race.

  Loting & blokkenschema


The Paaldansers, Browers en Hagelslag will all start on saturday in the blocks 1 en 3.

Saturday blok 1: 8:30 – 10:30

Saturday blok 3: 13:30 – 15:35



De Roeibakgroentjes will start in the blocks 1 en 3. 

Bootgeval and Baan Acht will both start in the blocks 2 en 4 on sunday.

Sunday blok 1: 8:45 – 9:55

Sunday blok 2: 10:10 – 12:30

Sunday blok 3: 13:35 – 14:45

Sunday blok 4: 15:00 – 16:30

The draw will take place on Tuesday evening. I will then update the starting times as soon as possible.

Wat moet je meenemen?

  • 10/13
  • Competition clothing + thermo! It's really still chilly on the water
  • Enough snacks, drinks
  • Warm clothes for after the race
  • Jacket-tie for after the race
  • (OV bike)


You are responsible for your own transportation to the Bosbaan. Make sure you get there on time! For first-year teams: you will start in the first block. That means that with an unlucky draw, you will have to report to the Bosbaan as early as 7:00. Take that into account!

  Lotingen en blokkenschema's

What are draws and block schedules?

Block schedules are often announced several weeks before the match. Then you already have an indication of when you have to start. For example, if you already know that you will start in Poule 3, you often already know when you have to race finals and preliminary races.

Drawings are a bit trickier. When registrations close, the match officials take a while to make a format. That match allocation is called a "draw", because it is done on a random basis to make it as fair as possible. That draw takes place several days before a race - which is why you will also only be told your exact start time so late.



Paaldansers [3]

Willem IV

Browers [27]


Hagelslag [128]

Willem IV 

Meldtijd 7:15 7:35 9:10
Vlottijd 8:00 8:20 9:50
Starttijd 8:30 8:50 10:20


In the afternoon, every ploeg will start a final as well. After the pre-races, they will do the draw of the finals!


Roeibakgroentjes [335]

Willem IV 

Bootgeval [355]

Haagse Vier

Baan Acht [373]

80 tinten geel

Meldtijd 8:30 8:50 8:50
Vlottijd 9:10 9:30 9:55
Starttijd 9:40 10:10 10:25


In the afternoon, every ploeg will start a final as well. After the pre-races, they will do the draw of the finals! 

Locatie Skoll Cup


Please note! The race is on the Bosbaan, NOT at Skoll!

The Bosbaan is easy to reach. At Amsterdam Zuid, you can grab an OV bike, or a bus towards the Bosbaan. You can also park there by car - which does cost a bit of money.

Mix van opklaringen en middelbare of lage bewolking en 19° C met windkracht 4

De wedstrijd

For first-years, the competition consists of two board-to-board races of 1000 metres.

For club ploegen, the competition consists of two board-to-board races of 2000 meter.