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As you may already know, Pelargos first-year rowers will be starting the Bakboordbokaal this year. The Bakboordbokaal is a competition cup with six race weekends across the country. There is also a Steerboard Cup. No doubt you will meet those rowers as well, but that cup consists of different races. Below is a brief overview of the races we will be starting.

Before each race that you will start, you will receive an extensive information message with everything you need to know for the specific race. Because the draw for these races is often late in the week, you will receive these information messages on Thursday. Before that, you can find a lot of information on the website of the race.


  Races of the Bakboordbokaal




16 & 17 mrt 

Heineken Openingstoernooi 


30 & 31 maart

Skoll Cup    

Bosbaan, Amsterdam

11 & 12 mei


Willem-Alexander Baan, Rotterdam

1 & 2 juni

Asopos Driekamp


15  & 16 juni

Euros Drienerlo Regatta


29 & 30 juni 

Gyas Meerkamp


  What to bring with you to a race?

  • 10/13. If you don't have one with you, get beer for the compocom and matcom! You can get one here. Then you can pick it up right away at the BK.
  • Clothes for the race (wedstrijdkleding): the ploeg has to start uniform in the Pelargos race clothing. The steer wears competition clothes, or jacket-tie. 
  • Enough snacks, food, and drinks! For before & after the race. 
  • Warm and/or dry clothing. It can sometimes be surprisingly cold on the water. It is important to dress appropriately when you get out of the boat.

  Overnight stays

As you can see, there are quite a few races that are not nearby. Keep in mind that when you start, that means you have to be at the race early. When you have to row in Enschede or Groningen, that also means that you probably have to spend the night in that area. Important to know that if you want to go to the party at the HOT race in Tilburg it's mandatory to buy a overnight stay at the Beekse Bergen. So check the websites or instagram pages of the races for any tips on good places to stay. Sometimes the association itself facilitates some places to stay, then you sleep in association houses or in a gym, for example. That often costs less money. In spring/summer it is also often possible to go camping.

The wonderful thing about compo competitions are also the parties organized by the competition itself. You can often buy tickets for these about a week and a half in advance. Those tickets can go incredibly fast! So score your ticket on time. Tip! On the instagram pages of the contests the sale of tickets is announced in time.

What do I have to do prior to my race?

  • The boat arrangement: I will always ask for your boat arrangement just before the race. If you do not have enough rowers, please let me know in time, so I can find other rowers so you can start. The boat setup includes a steer & coach!
  • (Optional) overnight stay. See the information above. 
  • The bowa!Every weekend a bowa will have to be loaded. The bowa will (almost) always come on Friday. I always give the exact time on Thursday. Make sure you are there with enough people - if you are there with too few, it will be very challenging. When the bowa comes at 12:00, that means you should have already unrigged the boats by that time. So make sure you are at the loods at least half an hour before that to unrig the boats. What else needs to be taken to the bowa:
    • the oars of the boat 
    • the riggers of the boat 
    • "bokjes en singels", as previously indicated by the board
    • and the boat ofcourse!

The race itself

There you are at the race. Don't worry, you are never by yourself! There are a lot of people to help your ploeg at a race.

First, your coach. Your coach will go over the race plan with you at the last minute and wish you good luck.

 The CompoCie will help you to "vlot". Vlotten = getting into the boat. In addition, the Compocie always has a good overview of the course of the race as well - you can always contact them for questions. They are easy to recognize by their CompoCie jackets or their bucket hat. They really are your best friend during matches!

 And lastly, you can also always ask for help from your Board. B21 will be present with at least some board members. Just like the CompoCie, we also know everything about the competition. Not only if you have a question you can come to us, you can always come to board if you want to say something, have a comment or if you don't feel well.


  How much does a bokaal cost?

All of you are starting the Bakboord Bokaal this season! There are also some registration fees associated with this. These will be charged to you. The cup cost is 214 euros per team. The cost will be divided equally among all participating rowers - so you can count on about 30-35 euros per person. You can think of this as the administrative costs of organizing the cup. So it is quite a steal for 6 races!


There are six races in the bokaal. You have to start at least five races. Of the six, you must start the last one - that's the Gyas Meerkamp race in Groningen in June. You have to start that one so no one can skip the last race to stay on top of the bokaal ranking.

Should your team not have signed out in time with me (read: not before the draw) or without consulting with me cannot start five races, this means that there will be a fine coming your way from the NSRF, the organizer of the cup. You then share this fine as a team.

But don't worry! If you let me know in time that you are not complete, I will do my best to fill the boat with you.

Rules of the bokaal

Hier zijn de wedstrijdbepalingen nog eens na te lezen! 

You can click on the button above to download the rules of the Bokaal. They are in Dutch. Email me if you have further questions!